Jalapeno Poppers Recipes

Jalapeno Poppers Recipes Web Site Launched

Jalapeno Poppers Recipes Web Site Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of a new web site dedicated specifically to jalapeno poppers – Jalapeno Poppers Recipes. Visit is at www.jalapenopoppersrecipes.com for plenty of poppers information.

The site was created to explore one of life’s greatest treats – the jalapeno popper. We share several jalapeno pepper recipe videos, tips on making jalapeno poppers, a jalapeno popper cookbook and more.

We hope you’ll swing on over! www.jalapenopoppersrecipes.com.

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Mike Hultquist is a chili pepper and spicy food enthusiast with an insane desire to play in the kitchen. He's all about cooking with chili peppers, but also loves chili pepper gardening, preserving, and experimenting with new and creative ways to incorporate spicy food into life. He's also a produced screenwriter, novelist, food writer and web site developer.
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