Save 20% Off Cookbooks for the Holidays

Give Chili Pepper Cookbooks for the Holidays

Give Chili Pepper Cookbooks for the Holidays

The holidays are here! No need to scramble for stocking stuffers for your chilehead friends. We have the perfect thing – Chili Pepper Cookbooks! Now through Christmas, take 20% off our print books when you order direct at the links below. Simply use the following code during your checkout: Y7W9K8T9

Give the gift of chili peppers to your closest loved ones! Order at the links below.

Jalapeno Poppers and Other Stuffed Chili Peppers:

Jalapeno Madness: Jalapeno Recipes Galore!

Chili Pepper Madness: Chili Pepper Recipes Galore!

Chili Pepper Salsas:

Discount Code: Y7W9K8T9

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Mike Hultquist is a chili pepper and spicy food enthusiast with an insane desire to play in the kitchen. He's all about cooking with chili peppers, but also loves chili pepper gardening, preserving, and experimenting with new and creative ways to incorporate spicy food into life. He's also a produced screenwriter, novelist, food writer and web site developer.
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