National Hot & Spicy Food Day

National Hot & Spicy Food Day

January 16th is “National Hot & Spicy Food Day” and it’s time to celebrate! How will you be celebrating this special day? What types of spicy foods will you be enjoying? Today is a great opportunity to explore some new and interesting cuisines from around the world, or at least dig through some of your old tried and true spicy recipes and recreate them. Jog on down to the local supermarket and pick up some chili peppers.

Try some of our latest recipes. Whether you’re looking for some serious “superhot” chili peppers, or some amazing flavor blasts with only a bit of heat, we’ve got you covered.

Superhot Sriracha Recipe with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Sriracha is one of the most popular hot sauces around. You can purchase it from the store, but once you realize how simple it is to make at home, you’ll reconsider your options. While Sriracha is traditionally made with Thai chili peppers (hey, it’s from Thailand), you can make it with red jalapeno peppers or red serrano peppers. I’ve also included a spicy Trinidad Moruga Scorpion for plenty of extra heat. The video also includes a dipping sauce recipe that uses Sriracha as a base.

Pebre Recipe with Aji Chili Peppers

A recipe for Pebre, a Chilean condiment made with Aji Chili Peppers, olive oil, garlic, cilantro and more. It is very fresh and can be used in many different ways, such as a sauce, dipper, spread and more.

Habanero Chutney Recipe

This habanero chutney is great as a multi-purpose sauce. High on flavor, it is quite versatile and will deliver with the heat. Use it as a simple sauce to top your fish or chicken, spoon it over salad dishes, or even use it in place of tomato sauce for pasta dishes or pizza.

Let us know what you’re cooking! Enjoy the day.

If you enjoy our recipes, we hope you’ll enjoy our cookbooks as well. Check out our Chili Pepper Cookbooks.

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  1. Joe says:

    I found a spice shop in OKC (Oklahoma City) called Savory Spice Shop. They have ghost peppers!!! I got some crushed by itself and some ghost pepper salt. DELICIOUS!!! Love cooking with it; especially with sweet peppers, onions, Korean black garlic, a little rice, and balsamic vinegar and/or Devil’s cut bourbon (not too much). A very large pinch will do you real good. I’m sweating just thinking about it.

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