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Being married to a Chilihead for nearly 17 years, I have noticed a major transformation. I have not just become a chilihead myself, but I find that I really need spice. And I mean on everything. I add spice to food before Mike sometimes. I can’t stand bland food anymore. Everything Mike cooks has bold flavors and 95% of the time is spicy. I am so into doctoring up meals when dining out at restaurants that even my friends know I have the spices in my purse and I’ll likely be pulling them out.

The fun of all of this is creating our own spice blends. Now, of course, there are tons of great spicy spice blends on the market, but we have an overabundance of chili peppers growing in our garden every year, all harvesting at the same time, so it’s impossible to eat them all fresh. We have a dehydrator so we’ve found this to be one of our favorite way to preserve chili peppers. Once they are dried, they can be saved in their current form, or ground down to make powders. We have many bags full of different chili peppers in their various forms, smelling up a kitchen drawer to our delight.

Chili Pepper Blends

Making Chili Pepper Blends

Since we have all of these dried chili peppers, we wanted to make our own spice blends specific to our unique tastes. I happen to like things saltier, so my blends have more salt. We love garlic, so in goes the garlic. And so on with our favorite different chili peppers and other spices. I was able to find some small spice containers online in the camping gear section and now have four different spice blends to carry around depending on what type of meal I need to spice up.

Making your own spice blends is an excellent way to incorporate chili peppers into your diet, and also a great way to extend your chili pepper harvest. What types of flavors do you like in your spice blends?

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