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Caribbean Style Chicken with Habanero Sauce

I recently received a couple of different chile extractions from David Rosengarten Gastronomic Selections and was able to sample them. Like most, I enjoy dashing hot sauces over finished foods as a finisher and extra source of heat, but I also like to cook them into specific foods. Often, a hot sauce makes up perfectly for a lack of fresh peppers. Here are the two sauces I received… Continue reading

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Chili Pepper Madness Featured on Pinterest

The Chili Pepper Madness Pinterest Board was featured on the Pinterest blog recently, and I participated in a Twitter chat for Pinterest for Cinco de Mayo. I hope you were able to join! Continue reading

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5 Recipes for a Spicy Cinco de Mayo

Rather than following the masses and carting off to your local Mexican restaurant (and PLEASE don’t say you’re going to some lame Americanized chain), why not prepare a meal at home? We have a five recipes to help get you started. Continue reading

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How to Make Homemade Corn Tortillas

Homemade corn tortillas are essential to authentic Mexican cuisine. Sure, you can purchase a pack cheap from the local grocer, but the homemade version has a fresh corn flavor that brings the meal home. They’re also extremely easy to make. Continue reading

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Cooking with the Maras Biber Chili Pepper

A pepper grower recently sent along to me a container of Maras Biber chili pepper flakes, which I can’t quite get enough of lately. The pepper flakes themselves are not very spicy, running from 2000-5000 Scoville Heat Units, a bit lower than your typical jalapeno pepper, but they are high in pungency. Take a good whiff and you’re greeted with a stark, almost sweet aroma and a flavor that compliments many dishes. The peppers, also known as the Marash pepper, are harvested in Turkey. They typically come in flake or paste form due to lack of refrigeration in Turkey, though they will soon be grown in the United States. Continue reading

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Spice Rubbed Smoked Ham

With the weather turning, I finally got a good opportunity to fire up the smoker and cook up some proper smoked ham. Sure, you can smoke meats and grill in the winter, but there are so many cold weather recipes for those days and months. There is something about warmer weather, sunny days and standing outside with the smoker, even though you can just let it go. Continue reading

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Jalapeno Peppers and Barbecue Sauce

Jalapeno peppers and barbecue sauce, you say? Absolutely. Chili peppers of all types are perfect ingredients for a good variety of barbecue sauces. The ubiquitous jalapeno pepper is idea, as it brings a level of heat that most people can enjoy, as well as plenty of substance and flavor. While one may be partial to habanero or even superhots for homemade barbecue sauces, the jalapeno delivers in its own way like no other. Here is the recipe I cooked up recently for some grilled chicken. Continue reading

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Red Hot Motor Oil

I was recently contacted by Cindy Arlantico, a spicy food lover who makes a homemade chili oil. Her dream is to go commercial with her chili oil, dubbed “Red Hot Motor Oil” (I name I love, by the way) and has begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund the effort. Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken with a Chipotle Paste Rub

Chili pastes impart great flavors to any number of dishes, and they’re simple to prepare. I found a deal on whole chickens at the local grocery store and picked up two of them. I knew I wanted to roast one that night, and the first thing I thought of was a chipotle paste. The recipe is below, but the principle is to basically process all of your ingredients into paste form that can be used as a rub. Get it all under and over the skin, and include some simple vegetables for your stuffing, and off you go. The result is a flavor, tender and juicy chicken. Continue reading

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Tomato-Chili Sauce – a Recipe

I make chili sauces all the time. The great thing about a chili sauce is that you can use it on pretty much anything. Spice up your breakfast, dash it on your lunch, add some pop to your dinner. Maybe watch out for dessert, but why not? You can make them without tomato sauce, but I like the combination in this particular case. I also like to make larger batches and keep some in the refrigerator for use during the week. Saves me a lot of time, allowing me to blacken some chicken or fish, then toss on a bit of my chili sauce. Continue reading

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