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Roasted Red Pepper Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Prepare to be stuffed! With roasted red bell peppers, that is. Certainly not a spicy dish in terms of heat, but absolutely high on the flavor scale. Roasted bell peppers bring an inherent sweetness to a dish, turning ordinary chicken into a go-to meal. This particular dish combines the roasted bell with cream cheese and seasonings, stuffed into a flattened chicken breast, then rolled in panko and lightly fried. Served with a chili-lime butter. Continue reading

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Spice Up Your Wings with Ghost Peppers

Chicken wings are a huge favorite, and I personally enjoy them because you can cook them up in so many ways. I’ll get mine deep fried usually, as that is the typical restaurant preparation, but I wish more places would grill them. The texture is different, and you don’t get all that oil. This particular recipe busts out the grill and brings up a dry rub, sauceless chicken wing. I like mine extra charred, but if it’s too much, just pull them off the grill a bit early. Continue reading

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Growing Chili Peppers

It’s that time of year! We hope your chili pepper garden has been planted outside and are taking proper root. Pretty much no matter where you live in the US, you should have already started your chili peppers from seeds unless you’ll be buying seedlings for your garden. We are in the Chicago area (zone 5) and have our chili pepper plants transplanted. We’re growing about a dozen types again this year. Continue reading

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Spicy Mustard Rubbed Pork Chops – Memorial Day Grilling

Speaking of pork chops, this particular recipe is sure to please you spicy food fans. I used some El Diablo spicy mustard along with habanero powder for the extra kick, but you can easily vary this up to include your own preferred mustard. I enjoy mustard with pork because the flavors are highly complimentary, but you’ll also get a clear mustard flavor afterward. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Caribbean Style Chicken with Habanero Sauce

I recently received a couple of different chile extractions from David Rosengarten Gastronomic Selections and was able to sample them. Like most, I enjoy dashing hot sauces over finished foods as a finisher and extra source of heat, but I also like to cook them into specific foods. Often, a hot sauce makes up perfectly for a lack of fresh peppers. Here are the two sauces I received… Continue reading

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Chili Pepper Madness Featured on Pinterest

The Chili Pepper Madness Pinterest Board was featured on the Pinterest blog recently, and I participated in a Twitter chat for Pinterest for Cinco de Mayo. I hope you were able to join! Continue reading

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5 Recipes for a Spicy Cinco de Mayo

Rather than following the masses and carting off to your local Mexican restaurant (and PLEASE don’t say you’re going to some lame Americanized chain), why not prepare a meal at home? We have a five recipes to help get you started. Continue reading

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How to Make Homemade Corn Tortillas

Homemade corn tortillas are essential to authentic Mexican cuisine. Sure, you can purchase a pack cheap from the local grocer, but the homemade version has a fresh corn flavor that brings the meal home. They’re also extremely easy to make. Continue reading

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Cooking with the Maras Biber Chili Pepper

A pepper grower recently sent along to me a container of Maras Biber chili pepper flakes, which I can’t quite get enough of lately. The pepper flakes themselves are not very spicy, running from 2000-5000 Scoville Heat Units, a bit lower than your typical jalapeno pepper, but they are high in pungency. Take a good whiff and you’re greeted with a stark, almost sweet aroma and a flavor that compliments many dishes. The peppers, also known as the Marash pepper, are harvested in Turkey. They typically come in flake or paste form due to lack of refrigeration in Turkey, though they will soon be grown in the United States. Continue reading

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Spice Rubbed Smoked Ham

With the weather turning, I finally got a good opportunity to fire up the smoker and cook up some proper smoked ham. Sure, you can smoke meats and grill in the winter, but there are so many cold weather recipes for those days and months. There is something about warmer weather, sunny days and standing outside with the smoker, even though you can just let it go. Continue reading

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