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Once again, I must extoll the wonderful virtues of the stuffed chili pepper. Stuffed peppers are easy to make, satisfy like no other, and allow for a nearly infinite level of creativity. Practically anything you can conceive of can be stuffed into a chili pepper and made better. You can grill your stuffed peppers or bake them, whichever you prefer. Or how about the crock pot? Today I chose poblano peppers. I had a couple of these left in the fridge, some decent sized ones, and they were begging me to stuff them. "Please please!" They were calling my name. And so was the shrimp. Cajun shrimp! When working with shrimp, Cajun is such a tasty way to go. You don't often get to mix seafood with cheese in an effective way, but this is one of them. The combination of Cajun shrimp with the mixture of Manchego and goat…
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June 17, 2015

Habanero Pepper Jam

Habanero pepper jam coming your way! I used to shy away from making jams and jellies. I'm not sure why. Growing up, I was pretty boring, actually. All I ever ate was grape jelly. Peanut butter and jelly was a daily thing, and if you served me grape jelly with seeds in it, forget about it! And don't even get me started on strawberry jam. Fast forward a few years - fine, MANY years - and here I am, making habanero jam. I mean, just look at it! Isn't it beautiful? I'm so happy my tastebuds have evolved. Habanero peppers are some of the best to work with. They are nice and spicy and have an inherent fruitiness and sweetness that lends them to spreads like jams or jellies. A note about that - the biggest difference between a jelly and a jam is that a jam has the fruit…
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Get your enchiladas ready with this homemade green enchilada sauce recipe made with fresh tomatillos, jalapenos, serranos and poblano peppers, from scratch in your own kitchen. You know what I love about a good green enchilada sauce? It's the combination of roasted tomatillos and roasted chili peppers. Tomatillos are staple Mexican ingredients and they're easy to cook with. While they look just like little green tomatoes, with a papery our layer that you must peel away, they have a different taste and are quite different from the tomatoes you're used to. You can eat tomatillos raw, but they are so good when roasted and blended up, especially with other staple Mexican ingredients, like the chili pepper and all those outstanding seasonings. Patty and I get a little excited about making homemade sauces from scratch because they taste so much more personal. You can customize a recipe to your personal preference…
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The whole world needs more poblano peppers, those earthy, grillable, tasty, awesome chili peppers that are the perfect vessels for many a delicious stuffing. Patty was in the mood for something a little decadent and the first thing that popped into my mind was cream cheese. Cream cheese? Really? I have no idea why. There are so many dedadent options around. Decadence abounds! But once the cream cheese train started rolling, I couldn't get off, so the idea snowballed into the recipe you see below.  One key with this recipe is the grilling. I have instructions below for grilling the poblanos, but I've also written up more detailed instructions here - How to Grill Poblano Peppers - for your reference if you have further questions. Grilling your poblano peppers allows you to peel off the skins, and it softens up the peppers, reducing the sugars and amino acids within, bringing…
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OK, my friends. It is time to reveal one of the hottest hot sauces I have ever made in my own kitchen. Yes, it is homemade and it is crazy hot. Crazy hot in a good sort of way, the way only a serious chilihead can enjoy. Or any true heat lover. The story is this. I was putting the finishing touches on my new cookbook, "1 Million Plus! Cooking with the World's Hottest Chili Peppers" and I had acquired a couple of pounds of superhot chili peppers to complete a photo shoot for the cover and promotional materials. We took our photos and when everything was wrapped up, I had the wonderful benefit of having a LOT of superhots to work with. I also grew a slew of peppers in our own garden this year. We're talking Carolina Reapers, Scorpions, a couple of 7-Pot varieties. And that was what…
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A sweet and spicy hot sauce recipe made with fiery ghost peppers, fresh mango, citrusy pineapple and more, perfect for chicken or fish. Flat out - I can't keep these around the house long enough. They never last! Hot sauces get poured onto everything. It is AWESOME to have hot sauce around as a nice finisher. Plus, you can incorporate them into recipes. How many times have I written, "Hot Sauce of your choice" in a recipe? While not all hot sauces are alike, this recipe produces an ideal level of both sweet and heat, the perfect combination. Walking through the store the other day, I found this HUGE pile of pineapples and one accidentally spilled into my cart as I was passing by, so I figurred, OK, fine, I will cook with you. And then his friend the mango came along for the ride. I didn't want them to…
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Use a pressure cooker to make quick, fall-off-the-bone tender chicken wings, then finish them up in the broiler for crispy skin. Here is the recipe. I have a THING for chicken wings. Love them. Maybe it's an addiction. There is something about them that embodies the perfect bite we're always looking for, with crispy skin, meat that pulls right away from the bone (when done right), and a flavor blast from whatever sauce you've decided to work with that day. How wonderful that chicken wings can be served with practically ANY type of sauce. Wing joints abound with mega menus dedicated specifically to chicken wings, with sometimes dozens and dozens of sauce options. Yes! For a chicken wing lover, life in this world is good. Still, making them at home is so much better than going out all the time. At home, you can give your wings some extra TLC,…
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December 14, 2015

How to Make Chili Oil

I purchase chili oils for all sorts of recipes. They're pretty standard in certain parts of the world. They figure prominently in Chinese and Japanese cooking, and in many parts of Asia, although the Italians enjoy their own version as well. I like to always have a good brand on hand, but sometimes it is more efficient to make your own when you need a small batch, or even as a gift. Perfect for this time of year, right? A typical chili oil is made from a vegetable oil that has been infused with your chili peppers of choice. I've included a recipe below for a very simple superhot version made with a blend of dried 7-Pots and Scorpion chili peppers, though you can use any type of pepper you'd prefer. Heat the oil, then add dried peppers and other seasonings and ingredients, then allow to cool, thus infusing the oil…
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Here we go again. More homemade hot sauce! This one is not for Patty, though she's been enjoying hotter anad hotter chili peppers. This one is more for me, using some nice and spicy ghost peppers, aka the bhut jolokia chili pepper. Ghost Peppers top 1 Million Scoville Heat Units, which is pretty darned hot. In a good way. That is if you're like me, who likes it crazy hot sometimes. I'm including a version of this recipe in the superhot cookbook I'm working on. I've made versions of this particular hot sauce recipe with other peppers and it always turns out because of its simplicity. It is a tomato-pepper-based sauce with only 7 ingredients, pretty hard to go wrong. It works with habanero peppers, Scotch Bonnets, larger sweet peppers, Serrano peppers, jalapeno peppers, though I tend to lean toward the more Caribbean style peppers that are sweeter. It also…
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A recipe for Cajun jambalaya in all its glory, with shrimp, andouille sausage, chicken, and plenty of spices. If you like your jambalaya to be super meaty, with plenty of chunky chicken, seasoned and seared shrimp, spicy andouille sausage, PLUS with the flavor and heat of wonderful jalapeno and serrano peppers, then this recipe is going to make you happy. I have been ITCHING to make a jambalaya for a while now, but was sort of waiting for colder weather. There wasn't any need for that, as you can get a great jambalaya anytime of year in warm New Orleans, but it is such a stick-to-your-bones type of recipe, it feels more like fall or winter to me. The beauty of Cajun shrimp, chicken and andouille jambalaya is not only in the heat and awe-inspiring flavor, but also because it's a pretty easy to make one-pot meal. I made a…
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