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July 12, 2016

Pineapple Berry Prosecco Cocktail

Pineapple Berry Prosecco Cocktail - Recipe Pineapple Berry Prosecco Cocktail - Recipe

A refreshing summery drink recipe made with muddled blueberries, blackberries and pineapple, with sparkling prosecco and elderflower liquor. It's cocktail time!

Happy Thirsty Thirteenth! It’s summer and it is most definitely berry season. They are brimming over everywhere in bulk at amazing prices. They were calling my name when I walked in the grocery store. "Patty, Patty, please buy me!!" Yup, that’s what they were saying. Mike isn't the only one food speaks to. And, I think every summer drink needs some pineapple, too, for the amazing sweet flavor and beautiful pop of color.

We have a lake trip coming up with some friends and I have a feeling there will be a bit of day drinking happening. It got my wheels turning - what type of fun day drink I could make with the local fresh produce? After a bit of thought, I do believe I found it! The muddler is definitely being packed along with a bottle or two of prosecco for this trip.

Pineapple Berry Prosecco Cocktail - Recipe

This drink is a beautiful fresh prosecco cocktail. I’m SO over plain old mimosas. Been there, done that. I’m still working on Mike ;). I always look for what other fruit flavors I can mix with prosecco. I’m not a big fan of champagne and you get a sweeter, less dry flavor with prosecco.

Also I firmly believe that "more flavors" is better in cocktails, especially when dealing with a sparkling or regular wine. I chose elderflower liquor because I feel it matches the other flavors nicely and smooth things out. You can also add a club soda if that’s to your liking, although with prosecco you certainly don’t need any extra fizz.

Pineapple Berry Prosecco Cocktail - Recipe

This drink would certainly work for nighttime drinking too, sitting outside on a beautiful night, or paired with your dinner. You can easily swap a wine instead of the prosecco. Whenever you try it, I hope you enjoy and have fun muddling up those beautiful fresh fruits.

Pineapple Berry Prosecco Cocktail - Recipe

Mike's Perspective: Very tasty! I thought the cocktail would be darker, considering the deep rich purples of the berries, but the resulting finish is a lively pink-purple and it is nice and bubbly. Can't wait to have one of these on the lake. Also, I'm slightly skeptical about the fruit speaking to Patty. Fruit doesn't really talk. Except to me.

Pineapple Berry Prosecco Cocktail - Recipe


  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup blackberries
  • 1 cup pineapple, chopped
  • 1 bottle prosecco
  • ½ cup elderflower liquor
  • Club Soda, optional


  1. Put a handlful of blueberries and a handful of blackberries into a glass and muddle.
  2. Pour the muddled berries into your pitcher.
  3. Muddle a handful of pineapple and pour into the pitcher.
  4. Fill the pitcher half full with ice.
  5. Pour all remaining fruit into the pitcher.
  6. Pour in elderflower liquor and prosecco.
  7. Chill for a few hours.
  8. Add club soda if desired and serve.

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