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25 November 2015

Looking to spice up your soups? Here is a collection of spicy soup recipes with plenty of bold flavor, straight from Chili Pepper Madness, and the author of “The Spicy Food Lovers’ Cookbook”.

So we’re sitting here and it’s cold outside. Brrrrr! And it’s a bit snowy. And tomorrow is a holiday and everyone is cooking like crazy and I just want to warm the bones a bit with something. What else warms the bones better than SOUP? Coco? I’m not in the mood for coco and I’m hungry.

So soup it is.

Since you’re in the mood for soup, too – I can sense these things, it is rather uncanny – here is a collection of 10 soup recipes with a spicy spin to help you choose. Of course we had to spice things up a little. Not TOO spicy. Just nicely BOLD. With flavor!

These are some of our favorites. If you’re making these AFTER the holidays, think LEFTOVERS. Soups are notoriously easy for leftovers. Chop up some leftover turkey or chicken and toss it into the soup. Use the mashed potatoes as a base. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds over the top for a garnish.

Go crazy. One word: SOUP! Onto the soups!

Creamy Roasted Hatch Chile Soup

Creamy Roasted Hatch Chile Soup - Recipe

This soup is silky smooth and creamy and hugely flavorful, made primarily with roasted red Hatch chile peppers and the perfect balance of seasonings. It is both rich and light and ready to make you happy.

Zesty Chicken Tortellini Soup

Zesty Chicken Tortellini Soup Recipe


This tortellini soup recipe is loaded with flavor, made with fire roasted tomatoes, white beans, seared chicken thighs, cheese tortellini and a powerful blend of herbs and seasonings. Your taste buds will thank you for a bowl.

30-Minute Sweet Potato Soup

30-Minute Sweet Potato Soup - Recipe

This sweet potato soup recipe has the perfect amount of spiciness with Cajun seasonings to complement the puree of sweet potato, tomato, other veggies, and creamy yogurt. It’s a quick and easy meal on the table in no time.

Roasted Poblano Soup

Roasted Poblano Soup in a bowl, ready to serve

A recipe for earthy poblano peppers, roasted and peeled, simmered with onion, celery, carrots and spinach with the perfect seasoning blend, then pureed for a wonderfully creamy soup. Break out the bowls!

Cajun Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Cajun Chicken and Sausage Gumbo - Recipe

This down home Cajun chicken and sausage gumbo recipe is made with a rich and comforting dark roux, the Cajun holy trinity of vegetables, seared chicken, smoked andouille, and plenty of Cajun seasoning. This is one of my most favorite dishes in the whole world. I can never get enough gumbo.

Seafood Gumbo

Seafood Gumbo Recipe

A flavorful seafood gumbo recipe with loads of shrimp, white fish, crab and oysters, all with plenty of Cajun seasonings. It’s heaven in a bowl. When we were in New Orleans, I ate gumbo every day. Every person makes it a little different, but you still get that “gumbo” essence, which is one of its outstanding qualities. You can make it your own! Especially with seafood.

Classic Mexican Chicken Posole

Classic Mexican Chicken Posole

If you enjoy a good stew recipe, or a soup with lots of chunky chicken or pork, then Mexican Posole is something you’ll want to try. It certainly is a classic dish, very traditional to Mexico, and it has a number of variations, ranging from chicken and pork and different types of meat, to a huge variety of preferred garnishes. I stick with what I typically have on hand – diced avocados, cilantro, some lime wedges – though others like to include lemon, cabbage, salsa, onion, radishes or other chili peppers. Roasted jalapenos or serranos would be awesome here.

Spicy Thai Curry Chicken Soup

This easy-to-make Thai soup recipe has plenty of spice to warm the bones, and it will fill you up with plenty of chicken, coconut milk, rice and lots of seasoning. Thai soups aren’t usually thick and heavy. They’re brothier, typically, filled with all sorts of goodness, tasty morsels floating in your bowl, just waiting to be scooped up with your spoon. This will definitely warm you up.

Cheese Guajillo-Potato Soup

Get your homemade potato soup with this recipe, made with earthy guajillo peppers, loads of seasoning, melty cheese, fresh lime juice and more. You’re gonna want a second bowl.

Patty’s Perspective

Once it starts to get cold outside, I crave soups to keep me warm. Mike is VERY creative with his soups, where he can spend time and deliver elaborate flavors for dinner, or toss a few things together for a quick lunch and still generate bold flavors in no time. It’s all about having the right ingredients in hand. Lucky we’re stocked!

Enjoy the spicy soup recipes! Take care,

Mike and Patty, Chili Pepper Madness

If you enjoy any of these spicy soup recipes, I hope you’ll leave a comment with some STARS for them. Also, please share them on social media. Don’t forget to tag us at #ChiliPepperMadness. I’ll be sure to share! Thanks! — Mike H.