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Frontera Sweet Peppers

Frontera Sweet Peppers Frontera Sweet Peppers

Scoville Heat Units: 0-1,000 SHU (or less)

Capsicum chinense

The Frontera Sweet Pepper is a variety found at Frontera on the island of El Hierro and brought to the chili pepper community by Peter Merle, a grower living in the Canary Islands. These were giving to me by Jim Duffy, chili grower and owner of Refining Fire Chiles. The peppers look very much like Scotch Bonnet peppers with a globe shape and bright yellow-orange color when mature, growing to about 2-3 inches in diameter.

The plants are highly productive and grow up to 4 feet tall.

Frontera Sweet Pepper

Flavor of the Frontera Sweet Pepper

Frontera Sweet Peppers are fruity and sweet, much like a Scotch Bonnet, yet without the heat. In fact, there is very little heat, making this a true sweet pepper. The peppers are ideal for sweet chili sauces or milder hot sauces if you prefer a notable fruitiness with a touch of sweet.

The peppers are thought to be a possible cross between the Scotch Bonnet and the Sweet Aji Dulce peppers from the same area.

Frontera Sweet Pepper

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