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3 January 2014

Jalapeno poppers are always a hit at any party. There are plenty of ways to make them extra spicy, or not very spicy at all depending on your crowd. The easiest way to achieve more heat and spiciness is to make large stuffed jalapenos by chopping off the stem of the pepper, coring it out and stuffing the insides. The best way to reduce the heat is to use smaller jalapenos and make jalapeno boats. Cut the jalapeno peppers lengthwise, remove all seeds and innards, then place your stuffing on top. Another way to control the spice level depends on what you use in your stuffing. Chorizo is a great ingredient to add both heat and flavor. If you don’t want extra heat, use plenty of cream cheese or other similar cheese.

Deciding on the stuffing is the best part. You don’t have to go traditional and simply use cream cheese, which is what most people expect when they hear “jalapeno poppers”. There are numerous ingredients that you can add to the cream cheese to add flavor. Or you can skip the cream cheese and try one of many other cheeses. You can even skip cheese all together. Got some wing lovers at the party? How about buffalo chicken stuffed jalapeno poppers? Think of any appetizer you typically make and see if you can deconstruct it and turn it into a stuffing. The creative options are endless. In fact we’ve written an entire jalapeno poppers cookbook with over 100 jalapeno poppers and other stuffed chili peppers recipes. If you need some extra ideas and pointers, check it out.

You will also need to decide on if you want to wrap your jalapeno popper in bacon or not. Who doesn’t love bacon, especially for a football party? Then, decide how you want to cook the poppers – if you prefer to bake, fry, or grill them. See our many recipes for cooking instructions. If you decide to grill stuffed poppers, we have some great jalapeno pepper grillers available to help make this process easy and fun. Standing the poppers up helps the cheesy stuffing from oozing out.

We tend to make baked jalapeno boats the most for parties. They are easy finger food to quickly snatch from a serving platter. They aren’t overly spicy that people shy away from them, and they are very easy to pop in the oven at the party directly before serving. Whatever you decide, have fun with it. It’s for a party after all.


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