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19 May 2014

We’ve been making salsas a long time and we’d like to share some of the things we’ve learned, just a few tips and tricks to consider the next time you decide to make your own homemade salsa recipes.

We could probably talk about making salsas all day long, but here are our top 5 tips for making salas:

  1. Experiment with Chili Peppers. In many cases, you can substitute your favorite pepper for another in the recipe. It may affect heat levels and flavor, but normally that’s OK. Just try the recipe first and then move onto experimentation from there. Try serrano instead of jalapeno for more heat, or go even hotter with a habanero. Yes!
  2. Just Have Fun! Salsas aren’t meant to be serious. Even die-hard salsa makers can easily enjoy the process and not take it too seriously. If you make a mistake, just roll with it. I’ve never tried a salsa so bad it was BAD. If you mess up, it’s probably still good.
  3. Play with Your Vegetables. Oftentimes a recipe will call for other vegetables in the salsas, but you can try adding new and favorite vegetables. See how they turn out and affect the flavor. Do you love asparagus? Toss them in! Carrots? Why not? Habaneros? Hot!
  4. Toss in the seasonings. Like veggies, feel free to toss in your favorite seasoning flavors. We often call for “salt and pepper to taste,” but what that really means in any recipe is to add whatever extra flavors you like. If we were dealing with French cuisine here, I’d steer you in a different direction, but these are salsas! Do you like garlic? Add extra garlic! Love habanero heat? Add some dried pepper flakes. Italian seasonings? You get the idea.
  5. Forget the chips. Hey, we love standard tortilla chips, but you can serve salsas with so much more. Often, what you serve with your salsa will help make the meal. Consider pita bread, toast, rolls, bread sticks, whatever else strikes your fancy. Get creative.


  1. I like that you provided some basic tips and instructions on how t make your own salsa. I personally love eating salsa especially if it’s got lots of chili peppers in it. I would have wanted to try making one for myself but I don’t think cooking or experimenting with food is one of my special skills. I’ll probably just purchase one that is readily available online or in the supermarket. It’s even hassle-free!

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