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19 May 2014

A good homemade salsa is absolutely one of the world’s perfect appetizers. It is great for parties and gatherings. You just set out the salsa with a bag of corn chips or other creative dippers. However, salsa also works great as an addition to many different meals. You may find that you’ve made far too much salsa, or that you have salsa leftovers. Or, if you’re a true salsa lover, you’ll find yourself making salsas at home just so you can serve them up in the following ways rather than gobbling them out of a bowl.

Alternative Uses for Homemade Salsas

Go Mexican. Just like in the restaurants, you might thin out your salsa and serve them a bit saucy-style. Pour them into a squeeze bottle and pour them over your tacos or quesadillas. Speaking of…

Skip the Sauce. Instead of going through the work of making a homemade sauce, use your homemade salsa instead. There are many common ingredients between many types of sauces and salsas, so your flavors could be similar. Try a sweet pear-based salsa over the top of your salmon or white fish. How about a fiery habanero salsa served over the top of boring broiled chicken? How about a seared corn salsa served with your beef roast? Salsa makes a great addition to many meals.

Or better yet, Get Saucy! As mentioned above, some sauces and salsas share common ingredients. If you find yourself with leftover salsa, turn it into a sauce by adding chicken or vegetable broth, cooking it a bit with additional seasonings, then puree in a blender. Instant sauce.

Salsa in a Bread Bowl. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Bust out the Crock Pot. Salsas make great additions to slow cooked meals. We enjoy dumping leftover salsas into our slow cooker with a whole chicken and let the flavors develop. Delicious.


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