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Once again, I must extoll the wonderful virtues of the stuffed chili pepper. Stuffed peppers are easy to make, satisfy like no other, and allow for a nearly infinite level of creativity. Practically anything you can conceive of can be stuffed into a chili pepper and made better. You can grill your stuffed peppers or bake them, whichever you prefer. Or how about the crock pot? Today I chose poblano peppers. I had a couple of these left in the fridge, some decent sized ones, and they were begging me to stuff them. "Please please!" They were calling my name. And so was the shrimp. Cajun shrimp! When working with shrimp, Cajun is such a tasty way to go. You don't often get to mix seafood with cheese in an effective way, but this is one of them. The combination of Cajun shrimp with the mixture of Manchego and goat…
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July 29, 2015

Hot Pepper Relish

This very simple recipe for pickled pepper relish is great for grilling food, but also for preserving your abundant pepper harvest. Use this with any type of chili pepper. This very simple recipe for pickled pepper relish is great for any type of food you can prepare on the grill. We're talking steaks, chicken breasts, burgers, brats, even the good old hot dog. It's one of those wonder condiments that goes with so many dishes. Extra bonus - it is also a GREAT way to preserve your abundant pepper harvest. Loaded with wonderful chili peppers, a bit of onion and garlic, it packs in the flavor. Seriously, if your garden is practically exploding with chili peppers like mine does every year, consider the humble relish. The vinegar not only makes the relish delicious and somewhat sweet, it acts as a preservative, letting you keep your peppers around longer so you…
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Who is grilling this weekend? With the holiday here, and summer of course, we're already grilling like crazy. Living in the Midwest means a shorter grilling season for us, so when we have it, we like to take advantage. When it comes to grilling, burgers are always at the top of the list. You already know we make a lot of turkey burgers - see our Burgers Recipes and you'll see - but how about something a little different? Turkey-Chorizo Burgers. No, not turkey made into chorizo. I mean a combination of ground turkey and spicy Mexican chorizo. You'll get a full on blast of that awesome chorizo flavor, accompanied by our favorite ground turkey and plenty of seasonings mixed in, including jalapeno peppers, of course, which I am obviously MAD for. Jalapeno Madness, baby! You can play around with the ratios of turkey to chorizo until you achieve your…
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Get your smokers and grills ready for summer with this classic mustard-based barbecue sauce from South Carolina. It goes perfectly with pork. Here is the recipe. South Carolina has a rich and proud history in barbecue. Growing up, I only knew of tomato-based barbecue sauces. Sadly, they were all I'd ever been introduced to. Little did I know there were so many other types of barbecue sauces out there, and a practically infinite variation of each of them, but each with their own unique base. This mustard-based barbecue sauce is one of them. Mustard, you say? In barbecue sauce? Absolutely. If you've never encountered a barbecue sauce recipe made with mustard, you're in for a taste bud awakening because it truly is a revelation.  First off, you only want to use yellow mustard. No brown mustard here, my friends. You MUST go with the classic recipes. Trust them in the…
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A recipe for chicken wings that have been brined, rubbed with chili powder and garlic, then tossed with your own homemade Peri Peri sauce. Then we grill them to perfection and toss them again in Peri Peri sauce. Win! We literally JUST made our own Homemade Peri Peri Sauce and it was DEE-VINE. So tasty. So yum-inspired. So many beautiful chili peppers in there. But you can't let the sauce just sit there. You have to eat it! Peri Peri sauce is a traditional sauce originating from Africa. It varies from region to region and it can be served as a dip or spread, or as a sauce for all sorts of foods, particularly chicken and fish. One of my personal favorite foods is chicken wings - see our Chicken Wings Recipes and you'll see what I mean - and these grilled Peri Peri wings are an excellent addition to the…
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I want to show you how to make moist, juicy turkey burgers. Yes, once again I am going to extoll the virtues of awesome turkey burgers. Flipping through our burger recipes section, you'll find a number of turkey burger recipes, and that is because we flat out love turkey burgers. Don't get me wrong. We also LOVE a good beef burger, but beef had an unfair advantage over turkey because of the fat content. This means it is much easier to get a juicy beef burger, but it also means you'll have a lot more calories. With turkey burgers, you need to figure how to get the moisture in the burgers, but also some flavor, as the ground turkey alone is much milder that beef. To me, that's a welcoming blank canvas. Making juicy turkey burgers is easy, actually. Add in some spicy jalapeno peppers or other peppers of your…
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Anaheim peppers offer an alternative to grilled jalapeno poppers for those looking for less of a kick in the spice department. These are just as easy to make as jalapeno poppers. Cajun Cream Cheese Stuffed Anaheim Peppers Ingredients 5 Anaheim peppers, stemmed and cored ( or more as needed, depending on the size) 8 ounces cream cheese 2 ounces shredded cheddar cheese 2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning Cooking Directions In a mixing bowl, combine cheeses with Cajun seasoning. Mix well. Stuff Anaheims with cheese mixture. Preheat grill to medium heat. Wrap Anaheim peppers in aluminum foil and grill 6-8 minutes, or until nicely charred. Alternatively, you can broil them not too close to the heat source about 15 minutes, until they begin to char. Serve.
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Jalapeno peppers sliced, stuffed with shredded chicken and cheese, then wrapped in bacon and broiled or grilled to crispy perfection. The ideal party appetizer. Here is the recipe. Someone once asked me when is the best time to serve jalapeno poppers. Um, hello? It's ALWAYS a good time to serve jalapeno poppers. Even if you're stuck home all alone while your wife is out with the girls having herself a good ol' time and you feel like treating yourself to something fun and tasty. Yes, that is an OUTSTANDING time to serve yourself up some crazy-delicious jalapeno peppers stuffed with seasoned chicken and cheese, all wrapped up in crispy bacon. Um. Yeah. Bacon. Poppers. So-Dang-Good. #JalapenoPoppers. #JalapenoObsession. #JalapenoLove. Or, perhaps when you're having a PARTY! Yes, that is truly the BEST time to serve up jalapeno poppers. I don't really know anyone who doesn't like jalapeno poppers, except my one…
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This homemade barbecue sauce brings a wonderful smoky spice with the chipotle peppers and bacon, but it's also slightly sweet from the sugar and molasses. It is rich and thick and will stick to your ribs or chicken nicely. Get the grills ready! Here is the recipe. I'm cranking out barbecue sauces this summer like they're going out of style. Even when I make big batches, they disappear so fast. That's OK. I don't want to make my batches too large because I enjoy the variety. When I run out of one batch, I'll switch it up and go in a different direction. The last sauce we made was a Peach-Bourbon Barbecue Sauce, and it was delish! I didn't switch it up TOO much this time around, keeping the wonderful bourbon flavor, but now we're bringing in smoky chipotle peppers, and everyone's favorite - DUN DUN DUN - BACON! Oh yes,…
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A recipe for juicy burgers made from scratch with ground pork, ground beef, jalapeno and serrano peppers, and plenty of seasonings. Completely handmade. Fire up the grill and get cooking! You may recall that recently Patty and I ground about 11 pounds of meat in order to make a number of different recipes. I posted about this in the "Grinding Meat with a Meat Grinder - the Why and the How". This recipe is a prime example of the WHY. Why? So we can eat burgers! We have SO MUCH in our freezer now, but believe it or not it's already half gone. We made burgers and sausages, but we also froze some for more generic use, and even made homemade breakfast sausage, which is totally gone BTW. I will be posting that recipe soon enough, but not before I make another batch for Patty. Total FAVE! We had an…
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