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26 January 2018

If you enjoy dehydrating foods, my new cookbook is a must-have for the creative kitchen, with recipes for jerky, homemade seasoning blends, leathers, infusions, spicy foods galore and so much more. Plus, we’re giving away a dehydrator!

NOTE: The Giveaway Has Ended.

SUPER EXCITED, my friends, to finally officially announce the release of my brand new cookbook, “The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook”. It published on January 9th of this year, and the reviews are already coming in!

Here are some samples of what people are saying:

“This is the best cookbook I’ve ever found for my dehydrator. I absolutely love it! The Spiced Cauliflower Popcorn alone was worth the purchase and I can’t wait to try the leathers (Mango Habanero)! It’s well-written, the layout and the colors really pop and the recipes are all creative and different from what I’ve seen anywhere else. If you own a dehydrator and love spicy food, BUY THIS BOOK!”

“This book will make you want to run out and buy a dehydrator just so you can try out the recipes! Mike has done a phenomenal job with this cookbook. There are so many fantastic recipes I want to try and I love the range of recipe choices. The photos are gorgeous and the recipes are easy to understand. I’ll be recommending this book to all of my friends.”

“I have always loved growing peppers in my garden and preserving them for those long cold winter days. A friend turned me on to this book and all I have to say is that I have bought 3 more of them for gifts for my friends. Michael is top notch and this book is beyond amazing for all of your dehydrator needs. Highly recommended!!!”

I can hardly believe it’s already here! Both Patty and I worked our tails off on this book and I have to say, the quality really shows. The publisher did such a phenomenal job with it, and I couldn’t be more proud to send this out into the world. Learn More about The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook here.

As a special THANK YOU to all involved, and because I’m so excited, I’ve partnered with Nesco for a special promotional giveaway! Yes! Nesco produces some of the best food dehydrators available on the market, and they’ve been terrific to work with. When I approached them to review my book, the president of Nesco said the following about it:

“The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook offers a hot new way of turning the process of dehydration into an art. Mike’s unique recipes will appeal to any spice or dehydrator enthusiast.” — ―Rick Carey, president of the Nesco Brand

How cool is that? AND! They’re helping me promote my book by offering one lucky winner their Gardenmaster Digital Pro Food Dehydrator. You can learn more about it here:

Nesco Gardenmaster Digital Pro Food Dehydrator

As you’ll learn in my book, I started with, and still use, my Nesco dehydrator for all sorts of creative dehydrating, so I can’t recommend it enough. That, and my book, will give you everything you need to get started. Well, you DO need to provide the food!


Here is how to enter the giveaway.

1.) Answer this Question in the Comments Below: What are you most excited to see in my new cookbook?

2.) For Bonus Entries: follow @chilipeppermadness on Instagram and/or Facebook and @Nesco on Facebook and tag your friends in the comments for additional entries and then come back here and leave a comment saying you did so.

NOTE: The comments on the post don’t post immediately, but I will see them and make sure they are online by the next day!

This giveaway is open for one week and will close at the end of day on February 2nd. The winner will be announced shortly after.

Good luck, and again, thank you all for all of your support and listening to me talk about the book so much! I can’t help myself! I do hope you like the new cookbook as much as I loved writing it.

PS: Don’t forget to tag #chilipeppermadness on Instagram and/or Facebook and share your recipes on stories (tagging @chilipeppermadness and @Nesco) so I can see your creative creations!

Winners must be from US or Canada.

Best!!! – Mike H.

Here are the links for purchasing the cookbook!

NOTE: The Giveaway Has Ended.

Order The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook from Amazon.combtn order bn btn order indiebound

The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook



  1. Cheryl Gardner

    I love this cook book! It was a birthday gift. Made the Mongolian beef jerky. It was awesome and so easy! I love to dehydrate things but needed ideas. This cook book has it all. Can’t wait to try more. Thanks!

    REPLY: Great, Cheryl. Thanks! — Mike from Chili Pepper Madness.

  2. Have been wanting to learn more about dehydrating food of all kinds, especially peppers

  3. I am most excited to see how to prepare fresh salmon stripes hydrated into a healthy snack with various flavors added to the salmon, almost like salmon jerky..

  4. Looking forward to finding alternate ways of preserving food and new flavor experiences

  5. Sauces and spice blends would be the first thing I would check out. But I am interested in all spicy recipes.

  6. Lou Ann Rice

    My dehydrator is a great pepper preservation tool. I hope to learn more so I can use the dehydrator even better. I’m also curious about how you store your dehydrated peppers and how long they stay potent.

  7. Nola Prevost

    Can’t wait to learn more about dehydrating my peppers. I’ve always canned them. But am beginning to use more pepper powders in my cooking and can’t wait to learn more from Mike.

  8. Marion Guest

    sounds amazing I use my dehydrator a lot for fruits vegetables herbs so this new and different looking forward to try something new

  9. First off, SPICE BLENDS! Second, spicy fruit leather? Hmmm… I already like you on FB and I liked Nesco on FB. Tagged the appropriate peeps. Will be getting this cookbook as soon as payday hits!

  10. Kris Jaeger

    I’ve hinted to my kids that I’d love this book for Mothers Day. I’m still a newbie at growing and drying hot peppers and I’m sure this book will be a great resource for tips and recipes.

  11. Caitlin Armi

    I have liked your pages on both Facebook and Instagram and tagged a friend in the comments.

  12. Caitlin Armi

    We love making hot sauce and grow our own peppers so I’m super excited to see recipes for different kinds of hot sauce as well as discovering what else we can make with our beloved peppers!

  13. I’m excited to see the recipes for herbs, vegetables, spices, and jerky…Heck, I’m excited to be able to read all of the recipes and to (hopefully) actually be able to dehydrate my own goodies!

  14. michael housefield

    the fruit rollups are so easy to make, and are SO much cheaper the ones you buy in stores!

  15. We bought our dehydrater 2 years ago & used it one summer. This year we are doubleing our garden and I’m excited to learn how to make meals & spice blends with my dehydrator and many other recipes.

  16. Clara J Coffey

    I already bought the book does that mean I am entered in the give away?

    REPLY: Now you are, Clara. — Mike from Chili Pepper Madness.

  17. I ordered as soon as it was available. I am most interested in the seasoning blends, also intrigued by the fruit leathers.

  18. Wow what a amazing giveaway from Chili Pepper Maddness & Nessco Dehydrators, Two superior Company’s teaming up to have a giveaway with the gardener& hunters’s in mind , both are awesome companies. . I can’t w a it to tell my freinds of both.

  19. Connie Hoffman

    Been wanting this for awhile. Would love to win. The jerky recipes would be a good thing for me. Dehydration is something I’ve been waiting to try. Love your site.

  20. Ted Wagner Ted The Chilehead

    I’m always looking for something new and interesting when it comes to the world of chile peppers. Mike Hultquist has something here with this cookbook, and it’s something for everyone across the scoville scale preference! This is a cookbook that has a good variety of things to do with chile peppers and the reader can decide for themselves what heat level to use! This isn’t just a cookbook, it’s a guidebook to make chile pepper treats that suit your tastes or someone else’s!

  21. Robert McKinney

    I love both of my dehydrators and grow many of my own peppers, what I am most interested in is the seasoning blends.

  22. Hey Mike is this contest open to Canadians also or just folks in USA.

    REPLY: Rick, yes, we do ship to Canada! — Mike from Chili Pepper Madness.

  23. Terrence Adriaansen

    I’m excited to learn new ways of preserving all of the different hot peppers I grow, as well as tomatoes and herbs, etc.

  24. I am so excited to find mixed pepper recipes, jerky recipes and so many new recipes that you’ve made, tested and included for me to try. I am also excited about the Nesco dehydrator giveaway that would complete tools needed to try the reipes in your book. I’m drying our garden grown peppers in netted levels since September. Peppers are getting ready for grinding and mixing or bottled separately. Thank you

  25. I’m most excited to see all your recipes for peppers and jerky and tips and also looking forward to the pictures.

  26. Michael Harrison

    Always so so many sauce recipes. Now finally for us that love spicy spices. And proper ways to dehydrate.

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