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9 February 2015

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have your dinner plans set? Are you making reservations? No! Stay at home and make something homemade for your lover. There is nothing more romantic than a home cooked meal. Well, maybe there are a few things, but cooking from the heart is toward the top of the list. Patty and I unfortunately will be on the road, driving for most of the day, so I won’t be able to cook anything. I’m actually pretty bummed because I love cooking (obviously) and Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to try new things in the kitchen.

Since I can’t be cooking that evening, I asked Patty what recipes she might like that day, IF we were able to be in the kitchen. She came up with a Top 10 that encompasses a variety, from breakfast (breakfast in bed, I’m sure) to a salad, an appetizer, several dinner options, and a dessert. I hope these will help you plan your own meals inside, where it is much more fun.

Here is the list of Top 10 Valentine’s Day Recipes

Cheese and Bacon Quiche

Cheese and Bacon Quiche for Valentine's Day

Start Valentine’s Day immediately with a nice breakfast or brunch, preferably in bed with a nice mimosa. Quiche is always a favorite. This one isn’t spicy, aside from a bit of pepperjack cheese, but it does set the right starting tone. And it has bacon. And cheese.

Creamy Shrimp Appetizers

Creamy Shrimp Appetizers for Valentine's Day

These are extremely popular in our neighborhood and almost always on the menu for larger parties. They’re similar to the Bang Bang Shrimp from the “Bonefish Grill” restaurant, though I like to spice them up even more.


Lobster Carbonara

Lobster Carbonara for Valentine's Day

Lobster! We both love lobster. This is the perfect combination if you are looking to serve both seafood and pasta. Lobster that is drenched in a creamy carbonara sauce, then topped with roasted peppers, will get the night rolling.

Butternut Squash-Jalapeno Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage

Butternut Squash-Jalapeno Ravioli for Valentine's Day

We made this over the holidays and haven’t had it since. We both definitely want it again. Why must we be traveling? Homemade ravioli with a tasty creamy filling. It’s a bit of work, but worth it.

Spicy Pumpkin Gnocchi with Aji Panca Brown Butter

Spicy Pumpkin Gnocchi for Valentine's Day

Pillowy gnocchi flavored with pumpkin and topped with a spicy brown butter. Just a bit rich with the butter, but why not?

Seared Tuna Over Sauteed Spinach and Peppers

Glad I mastered this one. Don’t overcook them like I did the first time I tried making tuna steaks. They cook up quickly, which can be a good thing if you’re in a hurry to move onto dessert.

Grilled Filet Mignon Over Goat Cheese-Sweet Potato Puree

Get the grill out! Filet mignon is always a pleasure to cook with (and eat!), but often the key is the pairing. Here, we paired ours with a creamy puree of grilled sweet potato and goat cheese, seasoned with wonderful pan roasted habanero peppers and garlic. Delicious!

Sparkling Blood Orange-Ginger Sangria

Sparkling Blood Orange-Ginger Sangria for Valentine's Day

One of Patty’s specialties. When I am cooking, she is the one mixing up the drinks. If you’re having a cocktail for Valentine’s Day, this will work with many a meal.

Spicy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Don’t forget dessert! Finish off the evening with something fairly light, but just decadent enough to know you have a romantic meal. Chocolate will always work it for you.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! With LOVE…Mike and Patty



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