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16 January 2015

Today is International Hot and Spicy Food Day, and we couldn’t be happier at Chili Pepper Madness. Hot and spicy food has been our focus here for years, and we consider our web sites to be a celebration of those very things. What is not to love about the hot and spicy? There is something alluring in the thrill of the spicy buzz, the zing that travels up and down your tongue, the tingling of the tastebuds when you eat hot and spicy food.

So, today is the day to celebrate it worldwide. We celebrate the hot and spicy almost daily, but today is a day for sharing your spicy food love. Click around our site and discover all sorts of hot and spicy food. We like to cook with all heat levels, from the milder chili peppers with only the tiniest of heat to the crazy superhots that can turn a giant vat of chili or stew into a fiery inferno.

Do you have a favorite spicy food you love? Let us know.

For me personally, a love for spicy food is something that grew over time. As I was learning to cook, I was introduced to the world of chili peppers and that initial thrill of the heat became quickly addicting. I found myself adding more and more of certain types of chili peppers, building the heat hotter and hotter, then seeking out even spicier chili peppers, trying them all. It took me a while but I’ve converted Patty to a total chilihead and she loves it.

As we’ve said, what’s not to love about the hot and spicy? Enjoy this awesomely spicy day! Here are some links to help you celebrate.

Please share our site with your hot and spicy foodloving friends! See you soon.

Mike and Patty



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