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5 November 2014

Hot sauce lovers! I’m happy to spread the word about a new hot sauce on the market from “Born to Hula” Hot Sauce. It is called “Reaper of Sorrow”, a sriracha style hot sauce made from the awesome Carolina Reaper chili pepper. I received a bottle from Ed Bucholtz off “Born to Hula” to try and I was pleasantly surprised. I passed it around during our Halloween party here as well and got the same reaction from every single guest. Wow! Nice! Truly, with a hot sauce made with Carolina Reapers, you’d expect it to be mind-blowingly hot, but nope. While there is some true and excellent heat, it is not overwhelming and what you’ll really notice is the depth of flavor.

This is from the bottle: “Thou shall be warned!!! Like a raging cauldron of molten fury, this sriracha style sauce is fueled by the demonic heat of the Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper on Earth! The Reaper of Sorrow awaits…It’s not just a hot sauce. It’s a way of life!”

The ingredients listed are: Red Jalapeno peppers, red wine vinegar, tomato, Carolina Reaper peppers, lemon, garlic and onion. That’s it! A nice, simple sauce with natural ingredients and plenty of heat and flavor. I certainly recommend it.

You can purchase the hot sauce direction from the “Born to Hula” web site at, or visit them on Facebook for more info here:

Learn more about the Carolina Reaper chili pepper here.



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