Egusi Soup


You weren't kidding, this soup has a LOT of flavor. The whole family loved it. Thank you again for another big winner. ~ Damien C.

ingredients + optional fufu



Process the onion in a food processor to form a paste, then mix it with the ground egusi seeds and water in a bowl to form a thick paste. Set aside.


Process the onion, peppers, crawfish powder, and water to form a smooth paste. Set aside.


Heat the palm oil to medium heat in a large pot and cook the onion to soften, then add the pepper paste and simmer it. This will add a spicy, rich flavor base. Then, add the stock, red pepper powder, and a bit of salt and pepper. Cook.


Next, gently spoon in the egusi paste a bit at a time. Let it all simmer to cook through. Stir in the white fish and let it cook through. Add the spinach to the top and cover it. Let it steam the greens, then remove the lid and gently stir it through the soup to incorporate.


Bring the water to a boil in a pot and stir in the yam powder. Stir until it mixes together and thickens into a doughy, starchy ball. Separate and roll into golf ball sized pieces and serve with the soup.



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