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I'm a retired chef so I always try new recipes. The Sancocho was the most amazing flavor bomb I've made in a while. My wife turned me on to your site and we have made quite a few of your recipes. All turned out great. Thank you for your well written recipes. Many sites aren't as detailed as yours. - Barry Mathews




– Add the oil to a large pot and heat. Add the peppers and onions. Cook to soften, stirring. – Add the garlic and cilantro, stir and cook. – Add the beef, pork and chicken pieces with the oregano. Cook to brown.


– Add the corn, yuca, yam, squash and plantains (and any other root vegetables you're using).


– Add tomato sauce and enough water or stock to cover. Adjust with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer until the meats and vegetables are tender.


– Remove the plantains from the stew and mash them slightly in a separate bowl. Return to the pot and cook. – Serve with white rice and crusty bread, or as desired.



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