Soup Recipes


Need a warm hug in a bowl? Check out these comforting soup recipes that'll make you feel all cozy inside. They're super easy to whip up, and you'll be savoring delicious comfort in no time. Ladle yourself some goodness today!

1. Black Eyed Peas Soup

So flavorful with bacon, ham, and lots of veggies simmered in a perfectly spiced broth, a true taste of the south.

2. Butternut Squash Soup

The perfect blend of herbs and spices, nice and creamy, easy to make, plus you can freeze the leftovers.

3. Yukgaejang

Yukgaejang is a spicy Korean vegetable beef soup recipe loaded with beef and vegetables ready to warm your soul!

4. Pumpkin Soup

The perfect blend of spices, easy to make, and nice and creamy with a delicious roux that thickens the whole pot.

5. Cabbage Soup

Loaded with flavor with lots of tender cabbage simmered with ham hocks, fire roasted tomatoes, and warming spices.

6. Caldo De Camaron

A traditional Mexican shrimp soup made with vegetables and shrimp in a flavorful broth known for its rich, savory flavor, so comforting.

7. Hot and Sour Soup

A Sichuan dish of pork and tofu simmered in a spiced broth, served with silky ribbons of egg swirled through, easy to make!

8. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Thick and hearty with black beans, corn, peppers, and crispy homemade tortilla strips, the perfect weeknight meal.

9. Oxtail Soup

So comforting with seasoned oxtails seared then simmered low and slow until meltingly tender, loaded with hearty root vegetables.


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