Miso Ramen


This birria ramen recipe is so satisfying with shredded slow cooked Mexican beef with noodles in a flavorful birria broth and lots of toppings, the ultimate comfort food.



– Heat a large pan and add the dried peppers. Dry toast them in the hot pan until the skins darken. – Remove from heat and add the toasted peppers to a large bowl. – Cover with boiling water and steep until softened.


– While the peppers are rehydrating, heat the olive oil in the same pan. Add the onion and tomatoes and cook to soften. Add the garlic and cook. – Add the cooked onion, tomatoes and garlic to a food processor. Remove the softened chilies and add to the food processor, but reserve the soaking liquid.


– Add the seasonings to the food processor along with the vinegar and beef stock. Process until smooth. Strain if desired to remove any unprocessed bits of skin.


– Cut the beef into large chunks and add to a large bowl. Pour the birria sauce over them and rub it into the meat. Cover and marinate the meat in the refrigerator.


– When you’re ready to cook, add the meat with all of the marinade, the chopped roasted tomatoes and remaining beef broth to a large pot. – Cover and cook until the meat is fork tender and easy to shred.  – Remove the meat and shred it with forks to your preference. Reserve most of the birria sauce (consome).


– Boil the ramen noodles according to the packaging. Drain, divide between bowls. – Top with shredded beef birria, then cover with the reserved birria consome (flavorful broth). Add your toppings, garnish and serve. – Boom! Done! Your delicious birria ramen is ready to serve.




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