My favorite paella recipe is loaded with lots of Spanish rice, chicken, chorizo, shrimp and more, huge on flavor, easy to make and perfect for a crowd.



– Add the pinch of saffron to a small bowl and cover with water to let the saffron bloom. – Add the chicken broth to a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer. – While the broth is heating, heat the oil in a large pan. – Add the onion, peppers, chicken, and Spanish chorizo sausage. Cook to soften the vegetables and cook the chicken mostly through. – Add the garlic and cook.


– Stir in the tomatoes, saffron (with water), paprika, chili flakes (if using), salt. Cook. – Add the rice and cook to lightly brown the rice.


– Pour in the hot chicken broth and shake the pan to distribute.  – Sprinkle in the parsley and add the bay leaves.


– Reduce heat to medium low and simmer until the rice has absorbed the liquid and is tender to your preference.  – Tuck the shrimp and mussels into the top of the rice and cover. – Cook until the shrimp and mussels cook through, and a crispy crust forms on the bottom of the pan. – Remove from heat, garnish and serve.




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