Beef Birria Tacos

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Absolutely the best...we ate these two nights in a row. Added some cheese while the tortillas/birria were browning and served with chopped red serrano peppers and cilantro. Thanks for sharing, Mike! - Dana Krystofek

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– Heat a pan and add the dried chilies. Dry toast them in the hot pan until the skins darken.


– Soak the peppers.  – Cook the tomatoes, onions and garlic. – Add the cooked onion, tomatoes and garlic to a food processor, along with the softened chilies, seasonings, vinegar and beef stock. Process until smooth.


– Cut the beef into chunks and add to a bowl. Pour the birria sauce over them and rub it into the meat. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator.


– When ready to cook, add the meat with all of the marinade, the chopped roasted tomatoes and remaining beef broth to a large pot or Dutch oven.


– Cover and simmer until the meat is fork tender. – Remove the meat and shred it with forks. Reserve most of the birria sauce (consome).

– Heat the oil.  – Dip the tortillas and set into the hot pan.  – Top with birria and fry lightly.  – Cool slightly and serve with your preferred toppings and reserved consome for dipping.




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