Khao Soi

How to Make

Khao Soi is one of my all time favorite recipes! So delicious. First tried this when I was traveling in Myanmar and fell in love with it instantly! ~ Vicky




– First, make the fried noodles by heating the vegetable oil in a pot. Do not let it boil. Add egg noodles and lightly fry them, stirring occasionally, until they brown and crisp up. – Set them onto paper towels to drain.


– Next, make the Khao Soi curry paste. Swipe up to find out the details.


– To make the curry soup, heat olive oil in a wok or large pan. Add the Khao Soi red curry paste and cook it down, stirring often, until it darkens a bit.


– Add the coconut milk, chicken broth, and chopped chicken. – Bring the mix to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer until the chicken is cooked throug. – Remove from heat. Stir in the fish sauce, soy sauce and brown sugar.


For serving, divide some prepared egg noodles into bowls, then pour the curry soup over them. – Garnish with fried egg noodles and more, then serve!



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