Kimchi Jjigae

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Excellent “stew,” Mike! I didn’t have any pork belly, but I did have guanciale so I added a couple of ounces for that porky goodness. As the kimchi I used was homemade, I didn’t need the tablespoon of gochugaru as mine was already spicy. Only other change I made was to add a leek instead of the scallions, as I was out of them. Your recipes never disappoint. Thank you! ~ Char.



– First, brown the sliced pork belly in a large pot with a bit of oil and salt.


– Next, add most of the kimchi and the onion, and cook them down a few minutes.


– Stir in the tofu and some fresh chopped scallions, along with a bit more kimchi to add some fresh kimchi flavor.


– Simmer just a few more minutes, and you're ready to go.


– Taste and adjust for salt and a bit of optional fish sauce, which I love. Boom! Done!




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