Chicken Shawarma

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This recipe just knocked it out of the park! I brined the chicken breasts for 12 hours overnight, and then marinated them for eight hours during the day. Incredibly juicy and flavorful, this recipe is a keeper. Thanks, Mike! ~ Ben



– Mix together all of the marinade ingredients in a small bowl, then add it to a large sealable baggie or a large bowl. – Add the chicken pieces and massage the marinade into the meat. Cover, refrigerate, and marinate.


– When you're ready to cook, simply grill up the chicken, then slice and serve. I prefer the grill, but you can cook them in a pan on the stove top, bake them, or even air fry them.


– Then slice and serve them up! I've also included a simple yogurt sauce that's very easy to make. Just whip it together. It's so good with shawarma.




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