The Best Ever

Sooooo delicious! Tastes just like authentic Mexican carnitas. Very easy to prepare and the pork is moist and flavorful. No modifications needed. It was a hit with hubby and neighbor. This is not the first awesome recipe I’ve tried from your site! ~ Tillie

ingredients + tortillas + salsa + fixings


– Heat the lard (or oil) in a large pot. Add the pork and onion and cook, stirring occasionally, to brown the meat. Reduce heat to cool slightly.


– Remove the onion and add the milk, water, orange juice, orange zest, herbs, and salt and pepper. – Reduce heat and simmer until the liquid in the pot has evaporated and the pork is fork tender.


– Remove the pork and shred as desired. Serve with tortillas for the best carnitas tacos ever!


For CRISPY pork carnitas: – Heat lard in a large pan. Add the pork and cook until the edges crisp as desired.  – Serve with tortillas for crispy carnitas tacos!




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