Pozole Rojo

The Best Ever

Ay que BUENO Wow, tastes just like home, made homemade tortillas. it was wonderful, favorable, spicy-I loved it and so did my family and friends. We were all satisfied on this cold, windy, wet day. I did use sweet onion. Thanks like always. ~ Boo



– To a large pot, add the pork shoulder, ham hocks, onion, carrot, celery, garlic, bay leaves and salt. Pour in the water. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer until the pork is fall apart tender. Skim the fatty foam periodically.


– Remove the pork from the pot and shred it with forks. Cover the shredded meat and set aside. – Strain the stock and discard the solids. Return the strained stock to the large pot and keep at a simmer.


– While the pozole stock is cooking, toast the ancho peppers and guajillo peppers in a hot pan until they puff up slightly and darken in color. – Cool, then remove the stems and seeds.


– Add the lightly toasted peppers to a large glass bowl with the onion and garlic. Cover with very hot water and soak until the peppers are very soft. – Transfer the soaked peppers, onion, garlic, Mexican oregano, thyme, cumin, and salt and pepper to a food processor with the soaking liquid. Process until smooth.


– Strain the sauce into separate bowl.


– Heat the vegetable oil in a large pan to medium heat and add the red sauce. Simmer to let the flavors develop. Set aside until ready to use.


– Swirl the red sauce into the simmering stock. Add the hominy and reserved shredded pork. Taste and adjust for salt. – Simmer to heat through. – Serve the pozole rojo into bowls and top with your chosen garnish.




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