Quesabirria Tacos

The Best Ever

This is my favorite birria tacos recipe with juicy, tender shredded beef simmered in chili sauce on lightly fried tortillas, so huge on flavor.



– Heat a large pan to medium heat and add the dried peppers. Dry toast them in the hot pan until the skins darken.


– Remove from heat and add the toasted peppers to a large bowl. Cover with hot water and steep until softened. – While the peppers are rehydrating, heat the olive oil in the same pan to medium heat.


– Add the onion and tomatoes and cook to soften. – Add the garlic and cook stirring. – Add the cooked onion, tomatoes and garlic to a food processor. – Remove the softened chilies and add to the food processor.


– Add the seasonings to the food processor along with the vinegar and beef stock. Process until smooth. 


– Cut the beef into large chunks and add to a large bowl. – Pour the birria sauce over them and rub it into the meat. Cover and marinate the meat in the refrigerator.


– When you’re ready to cook, add the meat with all of the marinade, the chopped roasted tomatoes and remaining beef broth to a large pot. Cover and cook until the meat is fork tender and easy to shred.  – Shred the meat with forks.


Reserve most of the birria sauce.




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