Mexican Side Dishes

The Best

Let's dive into the delicious world of Mexican side dishes - uncovering flavors you never knew existed! From timeless favorites to zesty variations, each of these recipes promises a delightful journey from your kitchen to dining table. All of these are simply irresistible!

1. Mexican Rice And Beans With Chorizo

Loaded with spicy chorizo, black beans, and tomatoes, huge on flavor, great as a side dish or main course.

2. Mexican Green Table Sauce

Perfect for smothering your burritos, for taco sauce, for any type of Mexican food.

3. Mexican Rice

A pungent chili oil made by infusing sesame oil with spicy chilies and other aromatics, a popular dipper and condiment.

4. Mexican Cucumbers

Delicious and comforting, with chicken, root vegetables, apple, and miso simmered until thickened, served with rice.

5. Salsa Verde

The best salsa verde recipe made with tomatillos and jalapeno peppers.

6. Mexican Street Corn Salad

Everything great about elote served in salad form, the perfect side dish.

7. Mexican Red Table Sauce

The ultimate Mexican salsa, perfect for tortillas, tacos and burritos, with tomatoes, jalapeno, lime juice and more.

8. Mexican Blistered Peppers

A quick and easy, authentic Mexican chiles toreados recipe.


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