Candied Jalapeños


I made a large batch of these 2 months ago with the intention of giving some away. I let them sit for 2 months to meld, I opened one up and and ended up eating half the jar! Sorry but nobody else is getting any! I'm keeping every jar and eating them all myself... ~ Tom



– First, slice the jalapeno peppers.


– Stir together the sugar, vinegar and seasonings in a pan. Bring to a quick boil, then reduce the heat to a low simmer until the sugar dissolves into a gooey syrup.


– Add the jalapeno pepper slices and mix to evenly coat them with the syrup. – Simmer. They will darken a bit as they slightly cook and absorb some of the sugars.


– Transfer the candied jalapeno peppers to cleaned jars, then fill the jars with the remaining syrup. – Cover and store in the refrigerator.




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