Chinese Recipes


Passionate about Chinese recipes? Dive into these delightful homemade Chinese food recipes that rock! I bet each and every one of these recipes will redefine your Chinese dining experience. No more take-outs! Enjoy!

1. Lo Mein Noodles

It's so easy to customize however you'd like with vegetables and spices. And yes, it's better than take-out!

2. Kung Pao Chicken

The ultimate Chinese stir fry of wok fried chicken with vegetables and peanuts in a delicious spicy sauce, quick and easy to make!

3. Kung Pao Sauce

Easy to make and loaded with flavor, perfect for quick and easy Chinese-inspired dishes anytime.

4. Szechuan Shrimp

Perfect for the spicy food lover with crispy shrimp and vegetables tossed in a vibrant Szechuan sauce, so easy to make.

5. General Tso Sauce

Easy to make with only 6 ingredients, perfect for General Tso chicken or any other quick and easy stir fry. It's loaded with flavor.

6. Chicken Lo Mein

Loaded with chicken and chewy noodles stir fried with crunchy bell peppers, snap peas and more in a flavorful sauce, so easy!

7. Hunan Beef

A mouth-watering stir fry dish with marinated strips of beef stir fried with sliced peppers in a flavorful sauce, ideal for spicy food lovers.


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