This recipe is fantastic. Never going back to enchiladas with the bland red sauce from a can. These are well worth the extra effort. Also the leftovers were still amazing the next day, maybe even better. My long neglected food processor can finally justify its existence because I will be making these often. - Dan

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– First, heat a large pan and dry toast the dried chili peppers on each side, until the skins begin to puff up a bit.


– Set the peppers into a large bowl and pour hot water over them. Let them soak until they become very soft.


– Remove the softened peppers and set them into a food processor or blender. Next, pour in some of the soaking liquid.


– Next, cook down some onion and garlic in a pan with oil, then add them to the food processor along with the rehydrated peppers. Add sea salt. – Process the mixture until the sauce becomes very smooth. Add in more water, until you achieve your desired consistency.


– Get your shredded cooked chicken ready. I like to mix it with some of the finished red enchilada sauce for additional flavor. – Strain the sauce into a pan with olive oil. Heat until it just starts to boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer.


– Next, heat a separate pan to medium heat and add a bit of the remaining olive oil. Cook the tortillas until they become pliable.


– Dip each tortilla into the warmed enchilada sauce, then set it onto a work surface. Fill each with seasoned shredded chicken mixture and shredded cheese. Roll the tortillas up and serve them onto plates. Top them with remaining sauce, if desired.


– Garnish with crumbly cheese, fresh herbs and spicy red chili flakes. Boom! Done!



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