Creole Shrimp Recipes

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You need Gochugaru to make gochujang. You need gochujang to make my recipes using gochujang. You need my gochujang recipes to enjoy Korean cuisine at home like a pro!


Gochugaru is a coarsely ground Korean chili powder similar to crushed red pepper flakes in texture, traditionally made from sun-dried peppers without the seeds.

2. What Is Gochujang? 

Korean fermented chili paste made from chili powder, glutinous rice, fermented soybean powder, barley malt, and salt.

3. Gochujang Sauce

Easy to make, done in minutes, perfect for quick and easy stir fries, rice bowls, noodles and so much more.

4. Gochujang Noodles

Quick and easy to make, with your favorite noodles tossed in a fiery gochujang sauce, done in 10 minutes or less!

5. Grilled Pork Chops With Pineapple-Gochujang Glaze

One of my favorite grilled pork chop recipes. Absolutely delicious!

Spicy Shrimp With Honey-Gochujang Glaze

These have got the most mouthwatering balance of sweet and spicy flavors!


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