Learn how to make kimchi at home with this easy kimchi recipe, including ingredients swaps and variations so you can make it your own way. I make mine with an easy wet brine and lots of extra spices.



– Brine the cabbage (detailed instructions - on the blog).

To begin...

– Add the cabbage to a large bowl along with the carrot, scallions, radish or turnip, Asian pear, garlic and ginger. Toss to combine.


– Add the rice flour and water to a sauce pan. Heat to a simmer, then whisk until smooth and the mixture forms a smooth, loose paste.


– Remove from heat and stir in the gochugaru. The chili flakes will bloom as the mixture cools.


– Stir in the fish sauce, salted shrimp, and miso paste (or your other umami alternatives).


– Pour the mixture into the cabbage and vegetables. Rub the gochugaru into the vegetables, covering them as completely as possible. Taste and adjust for salt or any other desired seasonings.


– Pack the kimchi into a large mason jar. Press the contents down and weigh it down with glass fermentation weights (or use a plastic bag filled with water).


– Cover with a fermentation airlock lid, or use fermentation membranes. This is to allow any gases to escape while fermenting.


– Set aside away from any sunlit areas and ferment at room temperature. Moisture should release from the kimchi, so press the kimchi down if needed to keep it below the liquid. 


– Set into the refrigerator and let sit to let the flavors mingle. You can enjoy it right away, but it is better to wait. The fermenting kimchi will continue to ferment slowly in the fridge. 




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