Pickled Jalapenos

How to Make

Hi again Mike! Excellent recipe! Made 2 jars over Labor Day weekend (super simple - although I did manage to mess up and used White Wine vinegar instead of regular White vinegar…). Flavor is great and I like the crunchiness. Thanks again for the great recipes! ~ Lee



– First, slice your batch of jalapeno peppers into rings and discard the stems. Stuff the jalapeno slices into a jar.


– Next, add the vinegar, water, honey, garlic, bay leaf, salt, Mexican oregano, and salt to a pot.


– Bring the brine mixture to a quick boil. Give it a quick stir, then remove the brine from heat. Cool slightly.


– Pour the brine into the jar over the jalapeno peppers. Secure with a lid and let come to room temperature. Refrigerate until ready to use.




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