Mexican Meats

+ Recipes Using It

When you're in the mood for Mexican meats and need inspiration, I've got you covered (as always!). These hand-picked recipes are genuinely impressive, loaded with delightful flavors, and incredibly succulent. Dive into the world of Mexican flavors and enjoy!

1. Mexican Birria

An iconic meat stew from the Mexican state of Jalisco of lamb, goat or beef cooked low and slow in a seasoned chili sauce.

2. Mexican Picadillo

Made with ground beef, potatoes and plenty of seasonings, great over rice or served with tortillas for a full meal.

3. Pozole Rojo

The most comforting Mexican soup loaded with shredded pork and hominy, spiced with mild, vibrant red chilies and lots of toppings.

4. Mexican Torta De Cochinita Pibil

Loaded with juicy and tender cochinita pibil from the Yucatan, spiced with achiote.

5. Mexican Chorizo

Easy to make for spicy chorizo sausage with lots of bold chili flavor, great for pork or beef chorizo.

6. Mexican Lasagna

The perfect comfort food with seasoned ground beef and beans layered with tortillas and lots of melty cheese.

7. Carnitas

The ultimate Mexican pulled pork with seasoned pork shoulder cooked low and slow until fall apart tender, ready for tacos!

8. Albondigas Soup

A perfect dish of Mexican meatballs simmered in tomato broth with lots of vegetables.

9. Mexican Rice And Beans With Chorizo

Loaded with spicy chorizo, black beans, and tomatoes, huge on flavor, great as a side dish or main course.


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