Dinner Ideas

Quick and Easy

Looking for some quick and easy dinner ideas? How about trying these comforting recipes that are a piece of cake to make? You'll be cozied up with these awesome recipes in no time. Go ahead and treat yourself tonight!

1. Oyster Stew

Rustic and comforting with loads of plump, juicy oysters simmered in a soup made with a roux base and the perfect blend of seasonings.

2. Bo Luc Lac

A popular Vietnamese dish of marinated beef, quickly stir-fried, served with lime dipping sauce and salad greens or rice.

3. Honey Sriracha Chicken

Loaded with flavor, with juicy chicken marinated and slathered in an easy-to-make honey-sriracha sauce, sweet and spicy!

4. Spicy Noodles

Loaded with chili-garlic flavor, quickly stir fried in a vibrant, fiery Asian style sauce, so quick and easy to make! Ready in 10 minutes!

5. Low Country Boil

Meant to feed a crowd, with loads of potatoes, sausage, corn, onions and shrimp boiled in a seasoned broth. It's so easy to make!

6. Bourbon Chicken

Comforting and delicious with tender chunks of chicken simmered in a sweet and spicy brown sugar sauce, absolutely mouthwatering.

7. Flank Steak Marinade

Easy to whip together with pantry ingredients for perfect grilled flank steak every time. Fire up the grill! Perfect for skirt steak, too.

8. Thai Peanut Noodles

Comforting and packed with flavor, tossed in a crave-worthy peanut sauce, ready in minutes and easy to customize.


A tomato-pepper sauce spiced with piment d'Espelette from the Basque region, comforting, versatile, and easy to make.


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