Prime Rib

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The perfect standing prime rib roast recipe rubbed with seasoned chili paste, oven roasted, and served with a bold horseradish cream sauce. This is the ultimate holiday or dinner party meal.

ingredients + sauce


– Ensure your rib roast is thawed at room temperature. Pat dry with a towel. – Add the garlic, jalapeño, sweet pepper, thyme, parsley, olive oil salt & pepper to a food processor, form a paste. – Slice quarter inch slits into the roast, rub the entire surface of the meat with your seasoning paste. Get it into the crevices.


– Bake the rib roast. – Reduce heat and continue cooking until an instant read thermometer reads the right temperature. – Remove from heat and cover with aluminum foil. The roast will continue to cook.


– For the horseradish cream sauce, whisk all of the ingredients together in a bowl and transfer to a serving dish. – Carve the rib roast and serve with the sauce.




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