Nachos Recipes

You Will Love!

These nachos recipes are absolutely fantastic - I adore them! If you're a nacho fan, brace yourself to explore a world of loaded nachos and incredible toppings to bring your home cooking to a whole new level. Ready for a party? Let's get it started!

1. Birria Nachos

Easy to make with homemade Mexican birria de res, lots of melty cheese, and pico de gallo, perfect for leftover birria.

2. Chipotle Chicken Nachos

It's loaded with spicy chipotle chicken and topped with lots of melty cheese and more.

3. Totchos

So comforting with seasoned oxtails seared then simmered low and slow until meltingly tender, loaded with hearty root vegetables.

4. Texas Nachos

The ultimate appetizer with crispy corn tortillas topped with refried beans, melty cheese and pickled jalapeno peppers, so easy!

5. Irish Nachos With Homemade Beer Cheese

Features baked potato slices, corned beef and a creamy homemade beer cheese.

6. The Original Mike's Late Night Nachos

My famous homemade nachos recipe with tortilla chips, salsa con queso, shredded cheddar & more!

7. Easy Classic Nachos

A classic appetizer of tortilla chips topped with spiced ground meats, beans, melty cheese, and all your favorite toppings.


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