Indian Curry Recipes

Top 9

These are some sensational Indian curry recipes! They are my absolute favorites, and once you savor their flavors, you'll be hooked! Explore my exquisite Indian curry recipe collection and.... thank me later! You will love them all!

1. Pav Bhaji

Indian spicy vegetable curry of mashed vegetables served with dollops of butter and hot buttered buns.

2. Rogan Josh

Flavorful Indian curry from the Kashmir region made with lamb or goat and vibrant Kashmiri chilies.

3. Chicken Vindaloo

Popular Indian curry known for it's spicy and tangy flavor combination, a quick and easy kitchen staple.

4. Phaal Curry

The spiciest, hottest curry in the world with chicken, loads of seasonings, and extra fiery ghost peppers.

5. Masoor Dal

A curry lover's dream, with nutty red lentils, hearty potatoes and lots of curry seasoning.

6. Spicy Beef Vindaloo

This version is wonderfully spicy, though you can easily adjust the heat and spice to your preference.


Indian curry at its finest, made with spinach or other greens, lots of chicken and the perfect seasoning blend simmered in a creamy sauce.

8. Ghost Pepper Chicken Curry

Quick and easy chicken curry made extra spicy with an addition of ghost pepper and other chili peppers.

9. Lamb Vindaloo

Tangy lamb simmered in vindaloo spices, so easy to make and adjust to your heat and spice preference.


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