Win Friends with These

Win your friends over with these irresistible appetizers! Simple to make yet incredibly delicious, they're sure to be a hit at any gathering. Get ready to become the star of the party and... thank me later. Enjoy!

1. Grilled Jalapeno Poppers

Stuffed with a mix of cheeses, crumbled bacon and seasonings, so easy to make, the perfect snack or appetizer! I love them.

2. Pan Con Tomate

A popular Spanish tapa of toasted crusty bread rubbed with garlic, slathered with fresh tomato, topped with olive oil and flaky sea salt.

3. Guasacaca

Venezuela's version of guacamole, a flavorful sauce made with ripe avocados, fresh herbs, chilies and more, so versatile.

4. Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Makes the perfect appetizer with lightly poached shrimp in tangy spiced tomato sauce.

5. Birria Nachos

Easy to make with homemade Mexican birria de res, lots of melty cheese, and pico de gallo, perfect for leftover birria.

6. Red Bean Dip

Infused with aji panca chili paste for a spicy South American spin, so creamy, the perfect dip for parties or for yourself.

7. Aji Amarillo Cheese Dip

A Peruvian spin on classic southern pimento cheese with aji amarillo paste, so creamy and delicious, a new favorite!

8. Crawfish Bread

Loaded with a mixture of cheeses, crawfish and Cajun spices on French bread then baked until bubbly and gooey, great for game day or Mardi Gras.

9. Birria Quesadillas

The perfect appetizer with tender shredded Mexican birria and lots of melty cheese, served with birria sauce for dipping.


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