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I personally recommend the Thermapen meat thermometer by ThermoWorks. It has so many features, and it’s both fast and accurate. I love it so much I’ve become a proud affiliate.

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Why I Recommend the Thermapen

I have owned a number of meat thermometers over the years and I’ve found issues with all of them. So many are cheaply made and eventually stop giving proper readings. Plus, some thermometers take way too long for me to get the reading. How can I trust these broken meters? And who has time to wait almost a minute for an an internal temperature reading when a minute could make or break the meal?

This is why I recommend the Thermapen. This is the first thermometer I have ever used that is not only convenient and accurate, but fast. 

This is BY FAR the best instant-read meat thermometer I’ve ever used, and it’s not just for meats. Highly recommended, and such a great value. With full readings in only 2 to 3 seconds, the Super-Fast® Thermapen is the world’s best in speed and accuracy. Advanced technology makes the new Thermapen Mk4 even more intuitive than previous models. Hold it in any direction and the display automatically rotates right-side-up so you can read it in any position—in either hand, straight up or down; read temperatures without cocking your head.

I realize the Thermapen comes with a higher price tag than you might be used to – heck, than I’m used to as well – but it is well worth the purchase for the quality and durability of the product. I’ve thrown away enough junk thermometers to pay for my Thermapen a few times over.

I’ve been cooking with my Thermapen for a while now and it’s easy to use. You basically unfold the probe to activate it then insert it into the meat or whatever else you’re measuring. Use it a candy thermometer, test the temperature of your grill.

The Thermapen isn’t going to make you a great cook, just a better one. Of course you can cook without a good meat thermometer, but when it comes to ensuring the meats are as good as they can be, I’m going by internal temperature to guarantee the best results.

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About the Thermapen Mk4

  • 2-3 second readings!
  • High accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C)
  • Foldaway thermocouple probe
  • Patented auto-rotating display
  • Use in either hand
  • Motion-sensing sleep & wake mode
  • Intelligent backlight
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • 3,000 hour battery life (AAA Battery)
  • 10 colors
  • Display temps in °C or °F

A great tool for achieving that perfect meat temperature for a medium rare steak on your grill. You can also use it to measure temperatures of other foods.

Buy a Thermapen Here

Got any questions about the ThermaPen? Drop me a line anytime. I’m happy to answer any questions. — Mike H.