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8 February 2018

Welcome to Chili Pepper Madness, the food blog run by me, Mike Hultquist, and my wife, Patty. We are both spicy food lovers and I am a dedicated chilihead with gourmet tastes.

The purpose of Chili Pepper Madness is to inspire creative cooking and fun, often with chili peppers. While we obviously focus on chili peppers, we also love spicy food of all sorts and can be found in the kitchen exploring our love of flavors, or even traveling to learn more about the cuisine of other areas when we can. For us, everything starts with spicy food and chili peppers and it all spirals from there.

Chili Pepper Madness is a special tribute to all things chili peppers, including chili pepper recipes, hot sauces, chili pepper gardening and harvesting, chili pepper types, preserving chili peppers, exploring chili pepper health benefits, as well as cooking with chili peppers.

We love chili peppers and good food of all kinds! And we want your feedback. Contact us if there is anything specific you’d like to see on our site related to chili peppers, good food, recipes and more.

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MikeHultquist - Author, Creator of Chili Pepper MadnessMike Hultquist

My name is Mike, and I am the author of “The Spicy Food Lovers’ Cookbook“, “The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook“, and others. By my books alone, you can tell that I am a spicy food aficionado.

It all started for me when I began to explore online my passion for cooking and chili peppers. I started a website for fun called Jalapeno Madness where I placed my recipes and talked all about jalapenos and spicy food. The desire for spicy food quickly grew beyond jalapenos and I began to embrace chili peppers of all types, from the mildest bell to the hottest of the superhots.

My focus is cooking with all levels of heat and sharing those recipes and tips with you. That love of cooking grew and now I cook foods of all types, though mostly with a spicy point of view. I consider myself a gourmet chilihead. I have been learning, cooking spicy food and running this web site now for over 20 years.

Patty and I lived in the Chicago, IL area the majority of our lives and recently moved the the Charlotte, NC area. Here we are able to actively explore our long lasting love for Southern food and BBQ more and more.

Outside of the chili pepper world, I am a screenwriter and author.


Yes, I am a produced screenwriter. Here is the IMDB link if you’d care to take a look: My produced credits include the movies VICTIM, ARENA (starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz) and 12 FEET DEEP.  I’ve been hired to write studio scripts and have optioned others as well.

I have a number of other scripts out there in the world, so please wish me luck in landing development deals for them! 

Fiction Author and Novelist

I love to write fiction, mostly darker stuff, horror, thrillers. I’ve published fiction novels and numerous short stories, and have even edited an anthology. Lots more info about my fiction works at my personal web site at I’m also an active member of the Horror Writers Association and get to vote for the Stoker awards. I hope you’ll read my stuff one day!

Personal Interests

When I’m not cooking with chili peppers or experimenting with chili peppers, or writing (screenplays, short stories, novels, recipes, cookbooks, chili pepper info), I’m happily enjoying craft beer or watching movies or reading a good book. Yes, I love beer! We also love to travel and hike and have many friends on whom I practice my cooking.

About Patty Hultquist

Hi, everyone! My name is Patty and I am more on the technical side of Chili Pepper Madness, though I am also on the eating and tasting side, which is super fun. And, I do most of the photography. I am a very analytical person and that helps us keep our website humming along.

Mike and I met in college and got married right after we graduated. We’ve been working as a team and building up our Madness websites together for a long time. It is fun and the longer we do it, the more we love it. Working on our own food blog has turned me into a foodie, and Mike’s cooking has converted me to a chilihead. Growing up, I never liked spicy food, but over time it really grew on me and now I can’t get enough. I get disappointed when I get something bland. Blech!

I am the blog’s main photographer and videographer. It is not only important for your food to look good on the plate, but in our photos and videos! We hope you want to dive into your screen and take a bite. 

Working on our Madness websites has been very rewarding for me. I’m a total converted chilihead now and crave the spice that Mike cooks all the time. There is rarely a dish served in our house without a chili pepper in it, or some sort of spicy flavor blast, and I love it. And why not celebrate and share wonderful food experiences? Living with boring bland food all the time just wouldn’t be living if you ask me.

Personal Interests

I love gardening so we plant a good sized garden in our backyard each year with plenty of chili peppers, along with tomatoes, fresh herbs and more. There is something wonderful about being able to walk into your backyard and choose the ingredients for that night’s meal. I greatly adore traveling and especially travel planning. I typically start planning our next trip during the current one because it’s always great to have a trip to look forward to. While traveling I enjoy seeking out exciting and renowned restaurants, pretty much any point of local foodie interest. Farm to Table experiences rank at the top of my list. Sitting around a community table with other food lovers is an experience like no other as we collectively enjoy and talk about the meal together.

I also love to plan parties. We throw several a year, including a large New Year’s Eve bash where we do a progressive dinner cooking up fancy dishes throughout the night. We throw a Fiesta Party as well, usually once a year, and that is always popular. I enjoy feeding all of our friends with spicy food! Mike always sets up a super-hot zone for the more daring.