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I personally recommend the ThermoPop meat thermometer by ThermoWorks. It has so many features, and it’s both fast and accurate. I love it so much I’ve become a proud affiliate.

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Rated #1 by Cook’s Illustrated / America’s Test Kitchen

Why I Recommend the ThermoPop Thermometer

I have owned a lot of different meat thermometers over the years and I’ve found issues with all of them. You’ll find cheaply made products that break down after only a few uses, thermometers that give readings that are hard to trust, and ones that take WAY too long to give you a temperature.

Who has time to wait for an internal temperature reading when you need it now? Who can trust such a thermometer when the wrong temperature can ruin a meal? Or render it unsafe to eat?

This is why I recommend the ThermPop thermometer by Thermoworks. This thermometer is not only convenient and accurate, but fast. 

When you’re cooking with meats, of course you can cook by time or you can cook by sight and feel, but the only sure-fire way to know if your meat is done the way it should be done is to test the internal temperature. There are just too many variables.

I’ve been cooking with my ThermoPop for a while now and it’s easy to use. You basically remove the probe from its sheath, turn it on then insert it into the meat or whatever else you’re measuring. It turns off by itself. It’s small and super convenient to slip into a kitchen drawer.

I use mine all the time and definitely recommend it.

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About the ThermoPop Thermometer

Super-Fast readings are within the final degree in only 3 to 4 seconds! Designed for serious chefs and professionals, the ThermoPop features big digits and a backlight for dark conditions. Molded-in seals and buttons make it splash-proof. Durable construction outlasts similarly priced pocket thermometers. Simple operation reduces user errors. Wide range is suitable for frozen foods and deep fryer testing. Accuracy is guaranteed to remain within ±2°F (1°C) up to 248°F (120°C). The ergonomic ThermoPop comes in 9 colors. If you’re going to carry a thermometer in your pocket, get a Super-Fast ThermoPop.

  • Rotating display
  • Left and right-handed use
  • Super-Fast® 3 to 4 seconds
  • Splash-proof design
  • Big backlit digits
  • Temp range: -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C)
  • Switchable °C/°F
  • 5,000 hours of typical performance with included lithium battery, replacement batteries available
  • 9 colors!

The first rotating display pocket thermometer, the ThermoPop is another innovation from ThermoWorks. A simple button press rotates the display in 90 degree increments. Hold the ThermoPop in either hand or read it when it’s upside down. Any angle is convenient!

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Got any questions about the ThermoPop? Drop me a line anytime. I’m happy to answer any questions. — Mike H.