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April 22, 2014

Chili Peppers Fight Cancer

Chili Peppers Fight Cancer Chili Peppers Fight Cancer

Capsaicin not only causes the tongue to burn, it also drives prostate cancer cells to kill themselves, according to studies published in a March 15 issue of Cancer Research.

According to the research, capsaicin induced approximately 80 percent of prostate cancer cells growing in mice to follow the molecular pathways leading to apoptosis. Prostate cancer tumors treated with capsaicin were about one-fifth the size of tumors in non-treated mice.

"Capsaicin had a profound anti-proliferative effect on human prostate cancer cells in culture," said Dr. Lehmann, M.D., Ph.D. "It also dramatically slowed the development of prostate tumors formed by those human cell lines grown in mouse models."

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  • Comment Link Ross August 20, 2016 posted by Ross

    I have multiple sclerosis I am in so must pain; can peppers help me

    REPLY: Ross, so sorry to hear. The peppers themselves won't directly alleviate pain, but the chemical that makes them not, capsaicin, has been shown to help with a number of health conditions. You might investigate pain relief options that include capsaicin in the list of ingredients. -- Mike from Chili Pepper Madness.

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