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7 October 2013

Scoville Heat Units: 125,000-325,000 SHU

The Fatalii comes from central and southern Africa, and is one of the hottest peppers in the world. With the heat level of a habanero, it has a more fruity, citrus flavor, and packs an instant, intense burn, unlike the habanero, whose heat “sneaks up on you.”

The peppers grow to about 3 inches long, and mature to yellow. They have somewhat thin walls, and may be dried if cut lengthwise. They could be made into a powder for an intense spice, or frozen for later use.


  1. Joseph G Greene

    5 stars
    The fatalii is a whole mouth experience where some are back of the throat, tongue only nope not this one it brings fire to the whole mouth!

  2. Phil Chouinard

    I’ve grown dozens of different types of peppers (mild to reapers, 7-pots, etc.) and this one is in my top 5. It’s very versatile since — like you say — it brings a similar heat level to a hab, but a different flavor profile.

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