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15 September 2012

Capsicum Annuum

This is a sweet pepper that resembles a long and twisted Cayenne chili pepper. It is originally from the Southwest corner of France called Landes. The name translates into “English sweet pepper from Landes”. The fruit of the Doux des Landes pepper can grow over a foot long. The flavor profile is sweet and fruity. The peppers ripenn from green to red and are used fresh or cooked. In particular, they are known for a Basque recipe called Pipperade. Consider these peppers for sweeter sauces.


  1. Jayne Taplin

    I grew these for the first time last year, sent by a friend who called them ‘curly chillies’ Even tho no heat at all , they are sweet and can stay on the plant for ages, without losing flavour and texture. Now I know what they are really called! Very interesting as I live in the Vendée, Pays de Loire. Thank you ?

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