Chili Pepper Madness

Chili Pequin Chili Peppers

Chili Pequin Chili Peppers

30,000-60,000 Scovilles.

Capsicum Annuum.

Also spelled Piquin, this chile is also called Bird Pepper, because it is consumed and spread by wild birds. It is a tiny fruit, (pequeno in Spanish means tiny) measuring only ½ to ¾ inches long, but don’t be fooled, this little chile packs quite a punch! As it matures it changes from green to bright red. It is sometimes confused with the Chiltepin, which is a similar but different pepper.

Some describe the flavor as citrusy, smoky, and nutty. It is used in hot sauces, salsas, and soups, and it can be pickled. Just one or two of these little chiles punctured and put in a pot of food will add a kick!

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