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6 September 2013

Scoville Heat Units: 1,000 SHU (or less)
Capsicum Annuum

The Cayenne Buist’s Yellow is an excellent salsa pepper, and works well dehydrated and crushed into powder for various seasoning applications.

What is a Cayenne Buist’s Pepper?

The Cayenne Buist’s chili pepper originated in the United States. The pods are a bright orange and grow to roughly 4-5 inches in length. The pepper plant is quite productive, producing a lot of fruit which start out green and ripen to a gorgeous golden orange. The pods are somewhat sweet and rather mild in heat level. I personally have grown them and can confirm they are very productive on a single plant. I have used them for both salsas and hot sauces or as a simple fryer.

Where Can You Buy Cayenne Buist’s Pepper Seeds?

Check out our Chili Pepper Seeds Resources Page.

Cayenne Buist's Yellow Chili Pepper

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